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October 1st is the registration deadline.  The 2014-15 season is now open and we are accepting registrations.  We have some great features coming for the new year, starting with a simplified registration process for those who were part of SWBL last season.

Start by clicking on LOGIN or by clicking on the image to the left to take you to the LOGIN page.  If you were part of SWBL last year, simply use your existing username and password (you can retrieve your password if you have forgotten it).  The system will prompt you through some simple questions to complete the process.

We have automatically transferred all rosters and teams, from last year, up one grade level for this season.  While coaches can still choose to coach a different team or make changes to their rosters, this will save time in not having to re-enter all of the rosters for this year.  In addition, parents can choose to simply carry their wavier forms over from last year, saving them time in registering as well.

Additional Features Coming

In addition to the simplified registration process, we are working on additional features for this upcoming season.  Here are some highlights of what to expect:

  1. SmartScheduling for our host districts.  This prevents other districts within a certain radius from creating an event of the same age level on the same day as yours, without ample supply of teams wanting to play that day.  This is a HUGE benefit to our host schools as it protects them against hosting competition.
  2. Coaches will be issues a certain number of "Change Vouchers" to use during the Coach's Scheduling Window this year.  Depending on how many times you signed up to play, you will be issued vouchers to allow changes to your schedule.  For instance, if you choose to play 1-3 times, you will be allowed to change 1 event; 4-7 times will allow you to change 2 events, 8-11 times allows for 3 changes, and if you sign up for 12+ times to play, you will be granted unlimited changes.  Keep in mind that changes do not allow for deletion of events, only to change for another event on a different day or location.
  3. Also, during this Coach's Scheduling Window, we will now allow coaches to see the skill levels (both average and individual) for the teams involved in that event to ensure that parity exists.  

We are excited about another GREAT season of SWBL Basketball and look forward to continuing to grow and develop the youth basketball in Southern Wisconsin.


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