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Register for 2015-16 Season


We have flipped over the website to accommodate the new 2015-16 season.  Coaches and CL's can now log in and start getting ready for next fall.  If you coached a team this season, all rosters and waivers are automatically carried over to the new school year (and all athletes are bumped up one grade level). If you are a parent, you simply need to log in and answer YES to the prompt that will ask if you want your waivers carried over to the new season.

Coaches--feel free to log in and start picking potential dates to play!  You can always log back in later and make any changes to your dates.  

Registration deadline will be Sept 30th at midnight.  At this time, we will be begin working on the initial schedule.  The window for CLs to make changes to their hosting opportunities will be October 4th through midnight on October 7th.  Coaches window to make changes to their schedules will begin on October 9th and close at midnight on October 12th.  Make these dates on your calendar.  First play date will be on Saturday, October 17th, 2015.

In addition, we will be making some website upgrades during these spring and summer months.  During this time, you might notice a slower website and even some possible downtime.  However, we promise to have everything running smoothly in plenty of time for a smooth registration process.  We are currently exploring options to allow communities to have multiple "CLs" in charge of specific team(s).  This will allow those communities with multiple organizations (such as a boys youth club and a separate girls youth club) the ability to each manage their own funds/teams.  In addition, we are also exploring developing a mobile website/app so that CLs can easily enter scores during events they are hosting, live and on the fly.  If you have any other suggestions for a better website experience, please contact Steve at steveboard@hotmail.com. 


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