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As we bring to a close the initial scheduling phase of SWBL, we now transition into the phase where any one can grab openings at events.  One of the privileges of early registration is that you you get to "tweak" your schedule, as needed during the recently closed, Coach's Window.  Now, any openings, which remain will become available to the rest of the world.  Users must register through the SWBL website by clicking on REGISTER in the upper-right hand corner and following the prompts.  Once registered, you can easily search through our extensive database of SWBL Events by clicking on the EVENTS tab on the gold bar.  Here, you can filter for specific grades, genders, or dates to find an event that is perfect for your needs.  Entry fees are listed on this page, as well as schedules, as they become finalized.

Remember, once you enter an event, you are obligated to attend and pay the entry fee for that event.  If you enter an event, in error, you must  contact us within 24 hours of the incorrect entry to be eligible for a refund.

Finally, we thank everyone for their tremendous support and kind words as we completed the CL and Coach's Windows.  The number of people who were relayed their thanks and praise was extremely meaningful.  Best of luck to everyone as we now start to Play Basketball, with games starting on November 1.


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  • 8TH BOYS

    1 - New Glarus (Kreklo-8B-1)

    2 - Belleville (Fahey-8B-2)

    3 - Richland Cente(Johnso-8B-1)

    4 - Prairie du Chi(Peders-8B-2)

    5 - Prairie du Chi(Hill-8B-3)


    1 - Monroe (Foulke-8G-1)

    2 - DeForest (Johnso-8G-2)

    3 - McFarland (Pavele-8G-1)

    4 - Baraboo (Hannag-8G-1)

    5 - Platteville (Wagner-8G-1)

  • 7TH BOYS


    1 - Portage (Kath-7G-1)

    2 - Benton-Shullsb(Spilla-7G-1)

    3 - DeForest (Bernar-7G-1)

    4 - Argyle (Flanag-7G-1)

    5 - Belleville (Campbe-7G-1)

  • 6TH BOYS

    1 - Belleville (Baumga-6B-1)

    2 - Belleville (Syse-6B-2)

    3 - Parkview (Oswald-6B-1)

    4 - Argyle (Hinojo-6B-1)


    1 - Poynette (Chadwi-6G-1)

    2 - DeForest (Mccoy-6G-1)

    3 - Lake Mills (Wagner-6G-1)

    4 - Baraboo (Whitee-6G-1)

    5 - McFarland (Rick-6G-1)

  • 5TH BOYS

    1 - Evansville (Miller-5B-1)

    2 - Poynette (Chadwi-5B-1)

    3 - Evansville (Allen-5B-3)

    4 - Juda (Picket-5B-1)

    5 - Barneveld (Laube-5B-1)


  • 4TH BOYS

    1 - Verona (Blum-4B-3)

    2 - Albany (Ischi-4B-2)

    3 - Belleville (Shrade-4B-2)


    1 - Evansville (L.-4G-1)

    2 - DeForest (Campbe-4G-3)

    3 - DeForest (Meitzn-4G-2)

    4 - Madison Memori(Freidi-4G-1)

    5 - New Glarus (Horn-4G-2)