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Deadline for Registration Pushed Back One Week

The original deadline of October 13, 2021 to register for SWBL and receive the discounted entry fees has been pushed back one week.  Instead, in the light of schools still dealing with COVID, we are extending that deadline by seven days.  Now, teams should register by October 20, 2021 to be included in the initial schedule.  All other deadlines have also been pushed back and the start of the season will now begin on November 13, 2021.  While we have had very good response in teams this year, most have indicated they simply need a little more time as their districts manage the pandemic.  

Below is a copy of the original email, with updated timeline.

SWBL Admin

If you haven't already done so, now is the time to register for the 2021-22 SWBL Season.  After a long break, due to COVID-19, SWBL is ready for basketball and plan to have a full--and normal--season this coming fall.  We know you have missed playing as much as we have missed having you as part of our league.  In order to ensure a smooth transition, after a year off, we are asking all OL's and Coaches to sign-in to the SWBL site (click Forgot username/password if you do not remember) and get registered for the 2021-22 season.  You are under no obligation at this point, but you may want to start assigning dates you are available to play, along with the number of times you wish to play.  If you are new to SWBL, you will first need to register.  Choosing playdates is a key component in schedule development to ensure lower-travel and good parity for your team.  The more flexibility you give us, the better your initial schedule will be, and the more flexibility you will have in making tweaks to your schedule.  Check out our full list of videos below for tutorials on how to register and assign playdates.  Hosts, be sure to also choose the dates you are available to host.  Hosting is also key in a successful league and the more hosts we have, the better schedule we can provide--and hosts will receive a credit for each team they have in attendance.  

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.  We look forward to being back stronger than ever in the fall of 2021!

Video Tutorials on YouTube

Check out our YouTube Channel where you can find tutorials on how to register for the first time, re-register, select your play dates, and more!  


Key Dates for 2021-22 Season

Date Event
Oct 20

Registration Deadline for being included in initial schedule (and reduced entry fee price of $135)

Oct 26-29 Window for those teams hosting events to confirm their hosting schedule and make changes, as needed
Oct 31-Nov 3 Window for coaches to confirm their playing schedule and make changes, as allowed
Nov 4 Schedules are released and Events with openings will be available at $185 to the General Public
Nov 13 2021-22 Season Officially begins with the first play date.

We have a tutorial video on how Organizational Leaders (OLs) should choose the dates they want to host.  Click Here to access the video.  In addition, we have a video on how parents can electronically sign a waiver for their child.  Click Here to access that video. For a full list of our videos, please click on the link near the top of this article.


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